Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Australian outback is so rich

Alpine Australian Snow

One thing about this wonderful country of ours is its rich diversity, not only in wildlife but in its landscape.

The other day I skied away from the town and searched for some good photos,  sure I skied out in a blizzard but you don't get photos from inside the lodge.  

Please enjoy some of my Australian alpine snow photos.

Who would guess that It could snow and even freeze lakes in Australia.

Vary cold and windy but a great view.

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Not All of Australia is Desert and Kangaroos.

Australian Cattleman Hut in the snow

Hi Everyone, Yesterday I went cross country skiing 22km with all the camera gear to take these pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

like most of you throughout the world you might not realise that Australia has snow falls and a seasonal alpine area.

Wallace's hut,  Cattleman's Hut 11km of skiing from the nearest town. This hut is over 100 years old.
The Inside of the hut taken with a six second exposure, you have to love the original roof and yes I had to carry the tripod the 11km out to the hut and return.

Lots of hard work and fun

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Australian outback dog??

Australian outback animal ( Dog?) yes/no

The amazing things you can find in the Australian outback. I was  in the outback and discoverd at a distance what looked like  a large animal, in fact it was a water tower for an abandoned train line converted to look like an animal of sorts. (Some people in the bush have just to much time)

Australian Wild Camel 

So lucky to get up this close, and yes you can find this camel and many more Australian animals at

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Unusual rock

Nature is amazing the things it can form and make. 

Man is the only creature on the planet to see things not as they are ( just a rock) but what he would like to think they are.

You can buy this on my website if you chose It was photographed at the Devils Marbles in the Northern Territory. It is not my intention to upset people with this blog or to be offensive in any way.

It Is titled Hard as a rock.

We need to get back to basics.

The Love of money will destroy our planet.

I was traveling last week an I cam across this poster and thought how true. Forgive the quality of image.

I don't usually use Blog's or Facebook for political purposes but I thought this was worth sharing.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Australian Outback Transport

The Hover Bus.

In my travels as a landscape photographer you see some strange and interesting things, this Hover bus (not working) was just near one of the outback tracks. Truly somebody has a sense of humour.

Lloyd Howlett

(Lloyd Howlett Photography)